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Dear Creative — A little ramble about creativity

Dear Creative, Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever medium you use -- whether it be music, paint, the written word, the spoken word, or simply your own way of living -- YOU, my friend, are a brave, brave soul. You are doing something not just anyone has the guts to do. And I don't know… Continue reading Dear Creative — A little ramble about creativity

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Dear First Diary ~ Poem

Dear first diary, ~ You are probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever owned. You are positively unattractive— Inside and out. I covered your outside in tacky LisaFrank stickers (sorry Lisa) I covered your inside in insecurities. ~ I faked a smile, Faked a cry, But once in awhile I did something odd— I told the truth.… Continue reading Dear First Diary ~ Poem