Things I like // life is pretty

Things I like:
– those pairs of stone lions people have in front of their homes, on either side of their doors or at entrances. HOLY HECK, I LOVE THOSE.

– Songs you gotta listen to on repeat like 40 times before you feel satisfied.

– Knowing the names of different types of clouds and also the names of moon phases. Because I’m not much interested in being clever, but I’d like to know more about the heavens, always. 

– Listening to oldies music on road trips. 

– Those chocolate cherries you get, but the ones with white cream only.

– People who ask you over for tea. (I mean, this is America. It’s so cute, I love it.)

– Those rare moments of social grace. Conversations I will absolutely never regret. Though, to be honest, sometimes the awkward conversations are cuter and dearer.

– The days that I am confident enough for eyeliner or skirts. Some days. Those are good days.

– Letting your heart love someone you didn’t realize you’d held a grudge against. Letting go of jealousy and healing and feeling sorry you’d ever felt otherwise.

– Worship when it’s so real it rings through the air and I’m not so afraid to have a voice anymore. 

– People who aren’t going anywhere. People who stick around for the final credit scene. (that was a cute metaphor)

– skies that are light shows. Skies it feels like only you notice. Sky spectaculars for an audience of one.

– poetry past midnight. I probably write my best poetry past midnight.  

– Wildflowers. I think I am one maybe. I hope.

– sweaters. I prayed for sweaters in my heart and I have a lot of them now. Jesus gives these random little heart-gifts sometimes. It’s so cute.

– Chai tea. I gave it another chai and I must say — I adore it. I will not stop drinking it. Chai and stop me.

– Dance parties just for me and no one else.

– clear skin. I don’t have clear skin right now. But it’s nice when I do. And one day, maybe I will again.

– not clear skin. Sometimes life is bumpy and you start seeing spots, but that’s okay. Imperfection is a little more work, but there is beauty in it. There is a strength in it. And that’s something that I’m grateful for.

– The stillness at the end of the day. The stillness I wasn’t sure would ever come. It always comes. I wanna start looking at storms like they’re going to end. I wanna start looking at oceans like I believe the waters will soon settle. I wanna start trusting in the coming calm.

– I pretty much have my hope renewed every day. Sometimes it is a ragged, droopy, tired hope. Other times it is golden sunlight soup in my soul. But hope always comes back to me. 

That is a thing that I like.


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