Why you should smell the flowers…

“There’s a fairy in the garden…”

There’s a fairy in the garden. She lives just beyond your peripheral vision. She ducks behind the daisies when you turn your head her way. She flits away to the tulips and hides herself between rose petals.

She lives in your garden — in the back wood, beneath the floor boards, just beyond your peripheral. She takes little things to aid her in her tinkerings, but always makes sure to repay you for your donation. With a bloom. A dandelion. A bud on the apple tree. A wildflower, blooming bravely between the crack in the sidewalk.

This fairy is very clever, very kind, and very courageous. She fends for herself, but takes time to bless your life with the small things. Flowers. A sprinkling of fairy dust here or there that triggers bursts of joyful laughing without reason, sweet nostalgia, and gratitude for the simple things in life.

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Where can you find this fairy?

Well, the trouble is, she would very much like to meet you, but sadly, she cannot. We live in a world that, for the most part, does not believe in fairies. And of course you know that is a very dangerous world for a fairy to live in.

But if you really want to find your fairy — follow the clues.

Fairies can be found where flowers bloom wildly in abundance. Listen carefully and you just might hear a rustle or a tiny snap of a twig. Don’t forget to thank her for the flowers. She most likely was feeling extra happy and put them there to make you smile.







Have you ever felt a burst of happiness out of nowhere? Surely you must have been exposed to fairy dust. Even the smallest amount of fairy dust can cause joyful feelings of every kind.

Have you spotted a pretty bird and it doesn’t seem to be flying away? Or perhaps a deer that seems content to observe you quietly? Probably a fairy is nearby. Animals and fairies are very close friends. An animal that has come in recent contact with a fairy will be calm and gentle and unafraid for quite some time.

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Be still. Be quiet. Listen for quiet movements and subtle rustlings. But for heaven’s sake do not go looking for her! Do not try to trap her or capture her or hurt her!

Indeed, what a fairy wants most is for you to enjoy her work. She encourages the flowers to grow so that you will be tempted to wear them in your hair. She wants you to blow dandelions seeds and make wishes. She wants you to braid daisies into flower crowns. She wants you bring daffodils in and put them in your favorite vase.

Just enjoy life. And that’s how you will know you have a fairy friend nearby.


And my goodness, please:

Smell the flowers.


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