Book Review: Unlock Your Dream by Philip Wagner

Good Friday!

What are y’all excited about today? I’m excited about Tangled’s Before Ever After (OH. MY. GOSH. I CANNOT WAIT — today is a very big day, Pascal!), finally finishing Stranger Things, and watching Doctor Strange after all this benny-cumberbutting time. So yeah, mostly hopelessly geeky stuff! Which is good! Hehe.


Today is a book review of “Unlock Your Dream” by Philip Wagner. It’s a book of the inspirational, Christian non-fiction niche. I’m always looking for good books in this niche. It’s easy to find Christian non-fiction, but I’ve only really been floored by a handful of Christian non-fictions.

So I was hoping for much with this book. The summary on the back was enough to fascinate me. This book is all about finding your God-given assignment and living out God’s dream for you. Sounds amazing, no? The word “dream” on a book alone is usually enough to catch my interest, but add in faith and a call to action? Ah! I was very excited.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the review.

~ What I Liked ~

Philip Wagner is the leader of a church in LA. He is the founder of an organization that provides clean water to those in need. He writes books. He’s been married for more than thirty years! This guy is pretty epic.

Indeed, I enjoyed this book very much. I enjoyed hearing all his fascinating life stories and how God has moved in his life. (Because honestly, watching how God moves through lives is one of the most amazing things ever; amiright?) There was some brilliant advice and I took my highlighter out more than once. I also enjoyed the pop culture references, haha.

You can tell that Wagner has a big heart for sharing the gospel and a passion for writing.

~ What I Did Not Like ~

It was… a little dry. Sorry! 

Maybe it was a personal thing, maybe I just don’t click with the writing style. I found this book a bit difficult to get into. It at times seemed longwinded and I found myself skimming passages at times.

Despite this, I am glad I read it and I respect Wagner big time for his work and his heart for God. He had some real, applicable wisdom in this book. Like I said, I highlighted. But, I have to be honest and if I’m honest, it was a challenge to push through this book.

~ Would I Recommend It? ~

Eeeek. See, honestly? No?

If you’re mega interested in it after looking at the information below, I would say go for it and you may very well enjoy it, but as it wasn’t completely wowing to me, I have to be honest and say I would not recommend it.

Sorry, Phil.

My Official Goodreads Rating™ is 3 stars because I 10/10 would not read again but 8/10 was glad I read it anyway because Wagner is an important human.

Yay! That will be all for me today, folks. I hope you enjoy your Friday and your Saturday and all the other days too.

— Brooke

Disclaimer: I got this book as a review copy from Blogging for Books. All opinions stated are my honest ones!

If you’d like to learn more about Philip Wagner and “Unlock Your Dream,” I’ll list some links below:

The Book

The man behind The Book



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