Currently… — Monday Morning Ramblings 


It is not smart to set one’s alarm clock so early. Agggh I hate mornings. Mornings are so unattractive. Ew.

Tired. I was not designed for the morning. Yup. Nope. Nuh uh.

I’d prewritten something. Turns out spontaneity is not always my thing, ha.

Challenges are *indeed* challenging.

Of bright, beautiful things that haven’t happened yet — leftover dreams from before I fell asleep.

On breakfast? I think I’ll go healthy today… I need to work on that. Health.

How I used to rise very early and enjoy it. Not sure who that person was. Ew. Nope.

The endlessness of God’s grace. Because I am quite a mess, but for some reason He is making me acutely aware that He knows how to turn broken into beautiful.


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