Welcome to the Sunflower Soup blog!

Oh my goodness, welcome!

This is so exciting. I have so many plans for this new blog, but first! –- introductions. My name is Brooke Elizabeth Smoke. I call me Brooke Elizabeth and you can call me that too. Or, you know, just Brooke.

I’m eighteen years old, a homeschool graduate, a current college student, and a Christian. Oh yeah, and I write!

It’s been such a journey for me, writing. It all started with a small journal that still gives me cringe attacks to read, then I got some encouragement from some good friends to give fiction writing a try, which resulted in a bad novel or two. And I’m still writing bad novels today! Well, less bad novels… I hope. And I plan on continuing to write progressively more decent novels for as long as I have oxygen to breathe and caffeine in my cup!

And now I’m here with a blog. Yes, I’ve blogged before, but this is my first serious blog. And I intend to make a go of it. I intend to make a go of this writing thing in general. Because I’ve come this far. I’ve come from an ugly, sticker-covered journal filled with ignorant observations of a messy life, to this blog – a brand new blank page full of possibilities. And I intend to go as far as I can.

Because it’s always been me and a blank page – the scary, intimidating, full-of-potential blank page. And I think this is what I’m made for. I’m made to fill blank pages and then go read filled pages and meditate on filled pages, take notes and then come back and fill blank pages again.

So yes, please join me as I endeavor to do this thing. I will be writing book reviews, talking about writing and reading and creating, maybe sharing some snazzy anecdotes from my awkward life (oh yeah, you know you’ll be coming back for those), and sharing anything else I think you’ll have interest in.

So, like, a bowl of all sorts of loveliness (the blog name makes sense now, right? Kind of?).

And my hope is that we can make this a little place to read and write and create and encourage – and fill blank pages – together!

I’ll be posting twice a month starting in November I believe. And maybe randomly in between because I’m into randomness. So yes — stay alert!

And go follow me on social media! You know, if you want to. I’m not going to be pushy about it.

{Twitter: @sunflower_soup}
{Instagram: @sunflowersoupblog}

Thank you!!

– Brooke Elizabeth


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